Enjoy your Sporting Stay

The Collingwood Arms is well known and highly rated as a sporting friendly Hotel.

A place to share tales – we know the Tweed and surrounding rivers can provide those epic hour long battles. Beautiful 28lb salmon that only just got away, and more. Set in a prime sporting location, you can be sure to hear tales from the bank side a plenty in the Bar. Poetic license would have us tell you a strong cast from our door would land you in the River Tweed. We’re not far short – Situated a mere 500 yards from this famed Salmon and Trout River, we provide a secure Rod Room with Freezer, Kennels, a Gun Locker and a Bar fit to share tales from the river in.

A mere 500 yards from the River Tweed, it is fitting that sporting memorabilia, maps and notable catches, help add character to our wonderful bar and guest areas.

At 97 miles long, Tweed ( Tradition requires the definite article to be dropped – thank you Tweedbeats! ) carries a rich history that far outweighs its relatively short length.

Famed as one of, if not the, primary salmon fishing river in the UK, Tweed runs a very long season from 1st February and closes on 30th November. The runs tend to peak in May, then again in October and Early November, though fish run the river year round.

Traditionally split into four sections, upper, middle, lower and bottom we are well placed for travel to all 3 stretches, but particularly middle, lower and bottom.

Of course Tweed can also be enjoyed by those seeking to explore the many peaceful walking paths that follow its contoured edge, or by those in motor vehicles, as many scenic roads run alongside this most famous of Borders Rivers.

We have many local shoots close by and we are situated near plenty of grouse moors.

As part of our service to the sporting guest, we offer a secure and spacious Rod Room along with a secure Gun Locker and Kennels.

fishing at the collingwood arms

Enjoy the pleasures of fly-fishing here at The River Tweed just a short walk from the comfort of The Collingwood Arms. Just a stones throw from the mighty tweed!

shooting at the collingwood arms

Whether you are looking for a rough walked-up day or a formal driven shoot, there is plenty of choice and we are happy to advise on the best shoot for you.

sporting suppliers locally

We endeavour to help you with your sporting stay as much as we can and as such we can point you in the direction of well respected sporting suppliers.

planning a visit or have any questions?

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, our friendly team are happy to help!